Google Voice Porting Request Refund Cancellation Failure

If you’re using Google Voice, which we LOVE, and have had issues, you might have discovered a problem getting a refund cancellation request to process successfully. When you click CANCEL THIS PORT and click the Yes/No dialog, you see either a hidden message under the browser frame indicating failure, or nothing at all. Nothing happens and the cancellation is ignored. We tried this on Mac and Windows in all reasonable browsers with no success.

How to contact Google Voice to let them know you have a Google voice problem:

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll get anywhere or even get a response. We posted this URL for anyone having a major issue trying to find any way to contact Google Voice in the first place. We have no doubt that Google Voice is overloaded with requests and probably working hard to make their products better. Patience is a virtue and we hope you find resolution with your Google Voice Port Request Refund Trouble.