Microsoft With A Hand In Our Pockets? You Can Use Ubuntu Instead!

I just got this update from a friend, and I must say that Microsoft sure wants to keep their hand in our pockets. What makes less sense, is why SO many people continue to use Microsoft products when almost everything is available in Open  Source for free without limitations. I think that Ubuntu rocks and it’s a GREAT alternative to paying fees to minimizers like Microsoft.If you want to spend money, give it to developers who have your best software interests at heart, not the corporate monster who lists their top 10 directives as getting your money, then list number 11 as development.

LMAO. Heaven forbid I get more of an OS than what I need. I can be assured that will never be the case with Microsoft:

“On Tuesday, Microsoft was granted US Patent No. 7,536,726 (it was filed in 2005) for intentionally crippling the functionality of an operating system by ‘making selected portions and functionality of the operating system unavailable to the user or by limiting the user’s ability to add software applications or device drivers to the computer’ until an ‘agreed upon sum of money’ is paid to ‘unlock or otherwise make available the restricted functionality.’ According to Microsoft, this solves a ‘problem inherent in open architecture systems,’ i.e., ‘they are generally licensed with complete use rights and/or functionality that may be beyond the need or desire of the system purchaser.’ An additional problem with open architecture systems, Microsoft explains, is that ‘virtually anyone can write an application that can be executed on the system.’ Nice to see the USPTO rewarding Microsoft’s eight problem-solving inventors, including Linux killer (and antelope killer) Joachim Kempin, who’s been credited withgetting Microsoft hauled into federal court on antitrust charges.”

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