Is Your Programmer or Network Admin A Hacker? Better Ask!

With the large number of hackers and the increasing threat from overseas hackers, more and more business are at risk for attack and exploitation. There are many types of hackers and certainly many degrees of intent and purpose. The majority of hackers are usually programmers and network security specialists, who likely have a day job under the guise of the 9-to-5 John Doe. Your business could be vulnerable to attack from internal sources as well as external. The question remaining to present to your programmers and network administrators: “Is anyone here a skilled hacker?”

To be more specific, the question is really whether they are “Ethical Hackers” who can create and manage applications and systems with security in mind, to enforce security measures and keep your business safe. “Hackers” get a bad wrap due to Black Hat hackers who cause problems, and some Gray Hat hackers who cause problems regardless of their intentions, or lack thereof. White Hat hackers and Ethical Hackers are the good guys, but are less likely to announce their skill set in a general meeting because of the stereoyped lashback. From my own experiences, being brought into development projects, clients typically get scared to learn that I am a “hacker,” unless that was the reason I was brought in.

So, you ask yourself, “Why would I want a hacker on my team?” Well, to help defend you against the bad guys! Finding good programmers is easy, but finding good programmers who are aware of Network Security and who can defend your business against the bad guys is not so easy. Those programmers who are unaware of true network security are a massive liability to the projects, systems, and the entire business. A huge number of security exploitations arise from security vulnerabilities introduced by unaware programmers. Without a working expertise as an Ethical Hacker, a programmer can bring your entire operation to its knees with no clue how much damage was done.

Setting the stigma aside of what a “hacker” is, it is an experienced hacker who makes the best programmer and network administrator. With every push of an electron, the security minded team member will remain paranoid and instate security measures in every point of entry or potential security vulnerability. While your project evolves and incurs deviation from original expectations with extensibility, the security minded developer keeps an eye out for issues and can test the applications and systems for possible vulnerabilties. Even moreso important is that team member’s ability to test each potential vulnerability as effectively as a Bad hacker would, to groom that vulnerability into a security exploitation.

Beware the caveats of the answers you may receive from team members. For some people, the title of “Hacker” is glorified and sought after. The real hacker on your team may abstain from answering, and be your best team member for acting as your network security consultant. The faux-hacker may speak up, but know little more than simple cleansing and validation, but miss the critical measures that eventually bring down your business as a result blissful ignorance.

Now you ask yourself, “How do I know if the guy who speaks up is really a skilled hacker, and is he a White Hat?” This is a tough question to answer, especially for business directors who do not focus their attention on network security. Of course, you want to know how long the individual has worked for your company. Has the individual excelled beyond default expectations? Have there been significant contribution to reach your goals more effectively or efficiently? Hopefully the individual can identify any lacking skills and act as a company or project liaison with a network security consultancy like Emagined Security. Send your “hacker” to classes and seminars to help develop the skills your business needs to gain a security advantage.

“Ay carumba, nobody on my team understands security! Am I in trouble?” Heck no, you have options. The first thing you can do is contact Emagined Security for expert network security consultation. Security for your network and programming is no lax issue… mediate as quickly as possible. Security vulnerabilities are like ticking time bombs with unknown times for catastrophic exploitation. Emagined Security can help you resolve your internal resources and guide your business to a clear path of discovery and remediation. From secure code auditing to internal and external penetration testing, your applications and systems must survive comprehensive security testing and analysis, equal to or in excess of what bad hackers would deliver.

With an expert team of network security professionals giving you answers and protecting your business, you will not only be able to answer the tough security-minded questions, you’ll know what questions need to be asked. It is true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t wait until you are attacked or invaded to jump into action. There is no moment in time as valid and powerful for finding resolution as the current moment in time. In this world of seemingly impending doom, you should seek a security stance that truly lets you sleep at night and focus on forward momentum for your business.

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