Beware of The Evil SEO MiniNet Traps and Fake SEO

MiniNets are collections of websites that all link to each other, with the intent to skew SEO impact and gain unfair advantage to linked websites. AS the cost of domain names decreased, and the potential for making money Online increased, the MiniNet evolved to take advantage of how search engines view links between web sites. These were once valid methods and a practice that went unnoticed for a long time. But, search engines today recognize this invalid method and treat offenders appropriately.

The age of the mininet brought about huge changes in rank and listing position in search engine results. Combining one-way links and mutual links expressed meaning to search engines about the sites being linked to and from. The content of the link text expresses a reputation for the target page, in association with its content. Back links and mutual links created a relevance and reputation that skewed search engine results and created a fake SEO industry. Many of these vicious MiniNets exist today, still taking advantage of unaware web site owners. Some MiniNets even went so far as to offer non-reciprocal link associations and greedily collected as many backlinks as possible without sharing.

The greedy MiniNets evolved into an advanced type or MiniNet that used one-way, pseudo-non-reciprocal link structure. They used multiple domains and web sites that linked to each other, but not ina  random or natural pattern. The first domain would link to the second, then the second to the third, and so on. The last domain in the MiniNet would finally link to the first domain. This was done in an attempt to trick search engines, which were then only looking a short distance from the origin domain name. Search engines have grown sophistcated since then and they can decipher invalid attempts to skew search enine results.

Again, the MiniNets evolved, offering customers links TO their websites without reciprocal two-way link requirements. Coasting on their previous success and healthy greed, they tell customers that linking to the customers’ websites will tell search engines their site is important and relevant. What they don’t tell customers is that the quality of the site linking TO their site is important to search engines. It’s a social SEO thing…

If your kid was clean cut and got straight As in school, would you overlook everything else. Now, if your kid was an ace at math and science and associated with hoodlums and druggies at school, what would you think? You’d ask your kid, “What the heck are you doing with these thugs?” Now, your kid tells you they are just friends and nothing more, no drugs or other bad things in their lives. You might want to believe them, but for their own good, you’d be suspicious. Now, your kid comes home smelling like pot, clothes looking dirty, and way past midnight. Better judgement kicks in and you put your kid into counseling or therapy.

Well, search engines strive to maintain a high quality index of web sites with real content that the public wants to associate with. If they smell the pot smoke of MiniNets, they get unhappy. Your site may be an ace student of the Internet, but smelling like pot and associating with MiniNet hoodlums, you will most likely get punished. When search engines see many links from notorious MiniNets to your site, you will see your SEO efforts plumit and you may not find your website in search results for a long time! There are many ways you can offend search engines and they are usually related to shortcuts to SEO success sold by SEO hoodlums and thieves. Unfortunately the general Online public is still learning about SEO and usually only grasp the upside, neglecting the seedy downside. Caveat emptor “Let the buyer beware” and that means YOU.

So, with all those shortcut offers and get rich fast marketing ploys, what is a legitimate web site owner to do? Well, how about building your website into a real entity and associating with quality web sites? Can you ask your kid to stop smoking pot, while you snort cocaine? Certainly not! SEO doesn’t mean a fast slapped-on Band-aid that will launch you into Internet stardom. It means methodical and progressive work based on consistent and dynamic research and tracking. It means actually breaking a sweat and pouring your foundation upon which you can grow a stable business that is resilient through time.

Don’t get me wrong… there are some great, fast methods to some SEO gains. There are shortcuts to certain manual methods that can be automated.  But underlying all of the fast and slow methods is a requirement for legitimate and quality SEO efforts. Back to our pothead kid analogy, a pothead in high school may get by and look like the cool kid. Graduation may be exciting and the future sparkling. But entering into college and university is a step into adulthood and real education that potheads cannot keep up with. The attendance and graduation rate for drug addicts is pretty low, and what company would want to hire them anyway? Can that kid pass a drug screen for a high paying job? Not likely. So, why would you expect your website to slide by on SEO tactics that are frowned upon and punishable by the real world (search engines), especially when your website is intended to make money?

The answer is simple: put down the pot and crack and get a real job. Buy a house, have some kids, and grow a life. Your website is like a living entity Online that needs nourishment (real content), regular maintenance (attention), a constant supply of new material (education), quality and reputable link structures (good social network), and overall a real purpose with real products and services (a paying job). There are plenty of variations of these things and many ways to express them. Beneath it all, there is an empirical essence of excellence. When your deserved excellence shines through, it lasts a very long time and is appealing to others. Building an empire with great SEO results means you are a star Online and then you can reap the rewards of cash flow, profit, and ongoing fame.

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