Mac Tiger 10.5 Apple Registration Screen Loop Stuck

1. Turn off your Mac. Perhaps hold the power button down until it turns off.
2. Hold the SHIFT key down and startup. Be patient as it may take awhile.
3. DO NOT LOGIN yet. Click the back arrow (Restart).
4. Your computer should start installing the hazardous upgrades.
5. Allow your computer plenty of time to install and auto-restart.
6. You should be able to login and access all of the files you through were destroyed.

There is good reason to think that Apple has been turning into Macrosoft and today we saw some obvious symptoms. After upgrading to Tiger 10.5 on your Mac G% or Mac G4, you likely assume the safety of Apple’s software updates. Most of us do, thinking Apple has our best intentions at heart. Don’t bother calling Apple Support or Apple Care, because they suck in a huge way and you’ll simply discover that the money you spent was essentially a total rip-off. Apple Care is complete garbage aside the equipment replacement plans for some components.

Tiger updates will cause your computer to get stuck in a vicious loop that presents the Apple registration screen over and over until you want to break the stupid thing. We were left a little speechless when we saw this nasty loop appear, and even had the knee-jerk reaction of calling Apple! Phew, good thing we recovered our composure and remembered the MANY wasted hours asking them for help.

So, we think it’s the Quicktime updates ,but we’re not entirely sure which one causes the issue. To be honest, the thing that probably caused the loop to appear was from not letting the computer cycle it’s update installation process. After the updates had downloaded, the computer appeared to be frozen, so we turned it off. That was not a good thin. If you update your Tiger OS, let the computer take its time to process the update files. Needless to say the true fault is in the serious lack of error messaging. Apple should not only inform owners of the requirements for successful update installations in the updates window, but should probably message during the installation process, as well as send emails to registered owners. Oh my, but that might cast a dark shadow on the faults of Apple!

The cure that worked for us, per the article link above, we followed the following simple steps, as listed above. If you machine is stuck in the loop, hold the power button until it dies. When your Mac is turned off, hold down the SHIFT key and start your computer. It might take a long time to restart, so be patient. When it has finished starting up, you should be in Safe Mode. The Login Screen should appear where you wil be tempted to login. DO NOT LOGIN yet. Instead, click the back arrow (restart). Your computer should initiate upgrade installations and eventually finish starting up again and you are back to work. None of your files should be damaged or missing, so don’t take crazy measures like reinstalling the evil Tiger. Just be patient and heed the warning that Apple Care and Apple Support is a total waste of money unless it’s just for equipment replacement value.

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