“SEO Web Marketing” Scammers Faking Invoices

A company calling itself “SEO Marketing” is sending mocked-up invoice layouts to trick companies into purchasing non-existent SEO services. The scan involves sending a letter or fax to a company’s billing department in the hopes it will be perceived as a bill to be paid, and overlooked as complete scam garbage.

SEO Marketing Scam Letter

The fake invoice does contain small print stating, “This internet Search Engine Optimization offer is a solicitation for the purpose of services and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due.” However they attempt to dress up this piece of dog poo, it’s still poo with the stink and likely bad flavor.

This company apparently has no website of their worn, and is using a Gmail email address at seowebmarketing@gmail.com for business. One would expect a reputable SEO company to at least have a website demonstrating some SEO prowess. Most likely they know nothing about SEO.

Their services supposedly operate without access to website files or servers and through some magical pill they have concocted. Their claim is to provide first page rankings for website by providing “optimization” services. It is not possible for this company to optimize any website without access to the files on the server.

The company supposedly operates at 9692 Westhelmer Rd. Suyite 105, Houston, Texas 77063. No doubt this is a mailbox in some postal center with no real people there. They are likely collecting funds from naive or unwitting payees who have been scammed. Perhaps this mailing address forwards to some African or Asian nation that is tolerant of scams against Americans?

The phone number has an answering machine and nobody has picked up the phone since we first saw this scam start. 713-344-0560 Please beware this scam and many like it that would attempt to defraud you by taking advantage of your busy staff, naive billing department, who would attempt to make sure all bill are paid. Please pass this information on to others who need to watch out for and avoid such marketing scams.

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