Purging Bulk Mail & Spam From GoDaddy Webmail

GoDaddy Webmail offers great anti-spam and anti-junk mail filtration. However, you need to check the Bulk mailbox while it learns your preferences. When you first start using GoDaddy email their system doesn’t hit target 100% of the time. That would be pretty amazing if it did! Below are some helpful hints on Webmail options for Spam filtration.

Spam and garbage mail should end up in the Bulk mailbox where you can review for any good email that was incorrectly sent there.  You can checkbox the good emails and click the NOT SPAM button above.

If you find spam in your main Inbox mailbox, checkmark them and click the MARK AS SPAM button above. This will automatically move the spam to the Inbox mailbox. Mail marked as NOT SPAM in the Bulk mailbox must be manually moved to the Inbox mailbox, by selecting them and using the MOVE dropMenu and button options.

When you purge mail from the Bulk mailbox, a message wil be presented as follows…

“WARNING: Valid email is sometimes inadvertently placed in the “Bulk Mail” folder.
If you find valid email in “Bulk Mail” or spam in your INBOX, you may adjust the Spam Filter Strength by clicking on the “Spam Settings” icon in the toolbar.


By telling the spam filter which items are spam and which have been erroneously marked as spam and placed in the “Bulk Mail” folder, you will find that the spam filter will learn and become more and more effective. To be as effective as possible, the spam filter will need to learn your particular email patterns.

Are you sure you want to purge all email from this folder?”

The intent of this  message is to make sure you understand that the Bulk mailbox is being used to teach GoDaddy systems what IS and what IS NOT spam and junk for filtration. Once you “purge” mail from the Bulk mailbox, you cannot use it to teach the filters, as it’ll be gone. The desire is that you carefully tag your good mail before purging, to assure that only bad mail is tagged and purged, so your god mail gets cleaner and cleaner with time.

If you are using a POP mail client to retrieve email remotely, you will see all of the Inbox mail, but not the Bulk mail. It is likely that good mail wil end up in the Bulk mailbox and not in your local POP mail client mailboxes. You MUST go to GoDaddy’s Webmail Bulk mailbox to mark good mail as NOT SPAM and move it to the Inbox mailbox to let you POP mail client retrieve it. It would be easy to neglect this process of teaching the GoDaddy Spam Filters, but to your own loss of good email.

The GoDaddy Webmail filters should become rather efficient at filtering good and bad email for you, so your trips to webmail should lessen. Don’t assume it will ever be perfect until email systems have been rewritten as a whole for the world. Make occasional trips to your Bulk mailbox to look for good email, especially if good email doesn’t arrive as expected, or your POP mail client receives spam that yo want to have filtered.

Keep in mind that GoDaddy Webmail provides access to change your email password, an Online calendar, and other configurations for your personal accounts. If you are a user/employee under someone else’s domain, Webmail is the most likely place you will go to make changes and not complicate someone else’s afternoon.

If you have questions about GoDaddy email services, they have great technical support and respond to phone calls rather quickly. Have your call-in PIN and account number ready for the tech to expedite the call.

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