RE: Episode 7: Marcos Breton of the Sacramento Bee talks sports with Grant.

We started our careers very close to each other in Sacramento and have been friends for over 30 years. I’m talking with Marcos Breton of the Sacramento Bee about sports and the changes over the years on how games are covered. His love of baseball. The challenges facing sports coverage going forward with regard to the changing media landscape and the changes in player participation. We’ll even cover some of baseball’s greats and tough hall of fame decisions. And finally, the Sacramento Kings. We both have some strong opinions about where the team has been and where it’s going. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

RE: Episode 6: 10-23-20 NBA announcer Mike Breen shares experiences from the bubble and more.

An incredible man, an incredible announcer for the NBA and the TV voice of the NY Knicks, Mike Breen and I have some fun today. We’ll talk about our business, our teams and his experience in the “bubble” with the NBA. We even drift into a conversation about NBA players, like LeBron James and so much more. Join me as I speak with a soon to be basketball hall of famer, Mike Breen.

RE: Grant’s Rant: 10-20-20 A first! Grant and Scott Pollard rant together on 4 way stops.

Hey, everything I rant on isn’t sports. Scott and I experienced and complained about the absurdity of 4 way stop signs but in Indianapolis, roundabouts make all the difference. Who’s dumb idea is it to keep those stupid 4 way stops when we could keep things moving smoothly at the intersection? Our thoughts are similar as you’ll find out as we hang out in Carmel…Indiana. And just so you know, it’s pronounced like the candy not the city in California by the bay.