RE: Grant’s Rant:6-22-21 Father’s day at Torrey Pines teed off not teed up!

First, congrats to Jon Rahm who clearly had the course under control at the US Open Sunday at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego.  Good for him as he deserved a victory.  Class act he is.  But what the hell happened to everyone else?  It was horrible golf on the back nine.  Teed me off to have to put up with what I was seeing. Bryson DeChambeau shoots a 44?  And this is professional golf at the highest level?  Rory Mcllroy falls apart and the some of the best golfers on the tour blow up on the course?  As a Father's day gift of time to sit and watch some of the greatest players take on the challenge of the course and tournament play, I was disgusted at what I was seeing.  Disappointed to say the least.  But happy for Jon Rahm and surprised by nearly everyone else.  Let me know what you thought about it.  I'll look forward to hearing from you on YouTube or Twitter.  

RE: Episode 75: Karma comes a knockin’ in the NBA.

There's an old song by the “Lovin' Spoonful” called “Do You Believe In Magic”.  I say we start singing it with the word Karma replacing the word Magic.  Well, maybe you do, maybe you don't but consider this… and I'll go much more in-depth than what you'll get in the notes today but here are the facts:
-Rick Carlisle bashes Atlanta for firing Head Coach Lloyd Pierce and Atlanta goes on to win and find themselves deep in the playoff hunt.  Rick Carlisle on the other hand led the Dallas Mavericks right out of the playoffs with some dramatic failures and finds himself out of a job.  Karma in my mind. 
-Kyrie Irving.  Karma?  He's out with a bad ankle, can't play and his tea m loses to the Milwaukee Bucks.  I think Karma came aroumd.
-James Harden.  Too bad about that hamstring but no-matter what, healthy or not, nobody should have gotten too excited because he chokes it up in the big games and doesn't make the commensurate contribution that's necessary when you really need him.
And I have to make a comment on Kevin Durant.  He did leave it all on the court the last few games.  Great to see him acknowledge the Milwaukee players as well at the end of a difficult and very exhausting effort.  That was professionalism and a true sportsman.  Good to see.  Join me for the conversation as I think you'll learn a little, laugh a little and leave with a little bit of a different perspective.  Let me know what you think about Karma as well.  You can leave a message on my Apple Podcast in the comments section, reach me on Twitter  with @grantnapearshow or comment on my YouTube channel. I would love to hear what you think.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-21-21 The animals run wild in the NBA.

Wow, what a weekend for the NBA!  Surprises for many. Hawks and Bucks go wild.  So, can we expect an apology ever, from Dallas Maverick's Head Coach, Rick Carlisle?  Recall, he bashed the front office of the Atlanta Hawks for the “insane” move in getting rid of their previous head coach and putting in Nate McMillan in the interim. Looks like it was a pretty good move to me, Rick.  How is it watching on TV in Dallas vs on the court in Atlanta?  And how about them Milwaukee Bucks.  I've been critical of them and did not think they would be able to pull it off. But luckily for them, Harden did what Harden does in the playoffs.  Very little. And with Kyrie out, even Kevin Durant couldn't single handedly make it happen. But boy did he give it a great effort.  Kudos to you and the class act of recognizing the the victors in a well played game all the way thru overtime.  And then there's Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia '76ers.  Let's talk about him for a minute.  And I do, in today's rant.

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-18-21 Lebron for NBA Commissioner.

So Lebron is spoutin' off about his “warning” the NBA there would be injuries due to the players not getting enough rest and playing too much.  Really Lebron?  What kind of crap is that?  Players play in the Olympics and then come back and play in the regular season.  They don't seem to mind. YOU didn't seem to mind when you played in the Olympics now did you? And what about the players that play in summer leagues overseas?  They don't seem to mind.  This was a shortened season due to to the pandemic and yet you're saying injuries are due to too much play?  Oh c'mon Lebron. Who are you kidding? The NBA has some of the best trained and most athletic players in sports.  Are there more injuries this year than years past?  You should know if you're going to make that kind of a statement.  If anything, the injuries would be more a result of playing less and not staying in shape.  Can you just please, keep your mouth shut and quit trying to have an opinion on everything?  Maybe you should be the NBA Commissioner.  Then you could speak up.  But for now, we're tired of hearing your yappin'.  Enough already.  

RE: Episode 74: Scott Hastings, player and sportscaster, and member of the champion 1990 Detroit Pistons.

Scott Hastings may not be a household name but he's been in and around the NBA for over 39 years.  Currently a sportscaster in Denver, he played on a variety of teams over his 11 year NBA career including the 1990 Championship Detroit Pistons.  Known as the “bad boys” of the league, they were rough and physical.  His teammates included Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas and Bill Lambeer.  The stories will amaze you as will his transition to broadcasting and also becoming one of the Denver Broncos Play-by-play sportscaster.  This is a fun, funny and genuine discussion with a true  gentleman.  I know you'll enjoy it and come away with some things to share as well.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-17-21 Major props, Derek Carr. Major props.

A player, a team and an agreement.  Derek Carr is a breath of fresh air in a world of stink in sports right now.  Here's the gist of today's rant and for me, it's pretty simple as you probably know.  Derek Carr says he signed an agreement.  That's his name on the paper and that means he has to fulfill that agreement.  He's not going anywhere and he might even consider retiring if he wasn't playing for the Raiders.  Now how about that! I've got more to say in today's rant.  But I'll bet you knew I would.  Good for Derek, good for the Raiders.  Good for the sport.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-16-21 Chokers all over the floor last night in Brooklyn.

Well, the Milwaukee Bucks look like they're going to be looking for a new head coach unless something miraculous happens in the next two games.  Giannis, when they really needed him to come thru, he didn't.  Missed free throws, turnover at the end that could have made the difference, and then an inability for the rest of the team to do anything to stop an unbelievable performance by Kevin Durant. Choking Bucks all over the floor.  And then there's Mr. James Harden. I've got a lot more to say in today's rant.  Listen and see if you agree with me or not.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-15-21 Milwaukee’s Moment of Truth.

This is it.  All the pressure is the Milwaukee Bucks tonite.  If ever there were a chance for Mike Budenholzer to prove he can get it done, they couldn't be better teed up to do it.  Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek Freak, needs to show what he's got if he wants to be in the same league as the Durant's and Irving's and Leonard's. It's time or they're  out of time.  If they can't win this series, look for serious changes.  Budenholzer out and a revamp.  You agree with me?  Can this Milwaukee Bucks team beat a hobbling Brooklyn Nets team?  If Hardin comes in, does he dominate or do the Nets falter?  Let me know your thoughts.  This has been an exciting turn of the table between what was expected and what may be.

RE: Episode 73: Say “Goodbye” Green Bay, he’s gone.

I want to share a little about my relationship with a guy I know has changed considerably today on the show and that's Aaron Rodgers.  He grew up in Chico, not far from Sacramento where I had my show.  He was a big Sacramento Kings fan and knew me as a result.  I've seen the change, many have talked about the change, and now, of course, Green Bay is suffering the consequence and embarrassment of the changed Aaron Rodgers.  I'll talk more about they guy I got to know a bit more on the show today but I'll go on the record as saying, he's gone.  He won't be playing in Green Bay this season and for that, a lot of people are rightfully disappointed.  Let me know how you feel about it. Am I right?  Wrong?  Reach out and I'll be sure to answer.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-14-21 Le ‘Veon Bell is exactly where he belongs.

What is up with these guys who go out on social media and then realize what a bad move that was?  Then try to correct whatever it was they said and make it worse.  Then can't stop trying to convince everyone what they said wasn't really what they said and that they wish they hadn't said it in first place.  So Le 'Veon Bell blasts Kansas City Cheifs head coach Andy Reid and then expects some other team to look to him as a good fit on their team?  It's not like he's a hot commodity any longer.  Folk like Bell really need to look in the mirror and see what the person looking back at them is trying to do.  There's only one person responsible for what happens to them and I can assure you that person is the one looking back in the mirror.  You can't blame your way to fame.  C'mon Le 'Veon, if you're really all that, let's see if you can convince a coach you're a good addition to the team and then if you're fortunate enough to land a spot somewhere in the NFL, let's see you do something.  It may be time for you to retire…with or without Coach Reid involved in the decision.