RE: Episode 57: Eric Musselman thriving in Arkansas.

Eric Musselman, a friend and a great coach tells his story of career growth including his stint in Sacramento.  He's now found his niche in the collegiate world and done it with resounding success taking the Arkansas Razorbacks to the Elite Eight this year and just finalized a new deal with the University.  He's humble, he's emotional and he's sincere.  It's a refreshing conversation given his history in the NBA and his progression through the collegiate ranks.  

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RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-19-21 Hey coach, I’m sore. Gonna sit this game out.

So the Utah Jazz decide to rest Mike Conley and Derrick Favors over the weekend because of knee soreness.  That's right.  Sore.  Not injured, not hurt.  Sore.  And guess what?  They lose to the Lakers.  What is happening to our professional athletes and them sitting it out due to soreness?  You think hockey players get sore and still play?  How about football players?  This is making me crazy.  Here why in today's rant.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-16-21 The NBA’s embarrassment is, once again, the Sacramento Kings.

Another year down the tubes.  Same ol' song and dance.  I'm hearing from fans that the team has given up on Walton and his coaching staff.  Sounds oh, so familiar.  If you're a Kings fan, you know the drill.  Current season sucks, look ahead to next year and hope for a good ping pong ball drop in the draft and then rebuild.  But it's really getting old hearing it now for so many years.  Every year past was the year it was going to change.  Dysfunctional. Embarrassing. But the Kings are not without talent, there are no excuses.  Let's call it the “Kings Curse”.  Fans deserve better in Sacramento and at some point soon, they had better get what they deserve.  Agree, disagree?  Reach out to me on YouTube or Twitter and let's talk about it.  I'd love to hear what you've got to say.  

RE: Episode 56: Will Clark talks players, coaching and batting success.

You're going to love today's podcast if you're a baseball fan in any way, shape or form.  Former SF Giants first baseman, Will Clark is going to give you a great view from a veteran player who played for the love of the game.  Our candid discussion weaves around coaching, money, players and today's game.  You'll be surprised at some of his comments about contemporary players and you'll appreciate some of the batting tips he shares.  This is one of the most informative podcasts I've done as Will even taught me a few things I didn't know.  You're going to enjoy the discussion.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-15-21 Does Rick Carlisle owe the Atlanta Hawk’s an apology?

What do you think?  So Lloyd Pierce goes away, Carlisle rips the Hawks front office calling them “insane” and the Hawks go on to a 16-5 run under Nate McMillan.  Hmmm.  And they do it with the help of that guy the Sacramento Kings decided to let go, never really got the most out of, Bogdan Bogdanovic.  Makes you scratch your head there too.  Hear what “Bogey” is doing for Atlanta in today's podcast and yeah, I think Carlisle owes somebody an apology.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-14-21 Luka Doncic doesn’t quite seem to understand the playoff play-in format.

Poor baby.  He doesn't understand why the NBA would make a playoff format that could mean two and through.  He maybe doesn't notice there are no fans in the stadiums.  He may be just so focused on his game that he can't comprehend that the league has likely lost it's butt this year and this is a way to get some revenue toward the gap.  Enter Mark Cuban to the rescue.  Now he doesn't like the play-in format either.  Thinks it was a big mistake.  Could it be because his team is in 7th place right now???  Let's talk a little about the process in today's rant.  

RE: Episode 55: The “Double Standards” in professional sports are becoming a regular occurrence. .

So it's not enough for calls to go one way some of the time and that same play get a different call another time.  Or that same infraction or that same use of a word, or a slur or a racist comment.  On the Master's this weekend, just the sheer fact that it's being played in Georgia after Major League Baseball pulled its' All Star game from Atlanta is a double standard as golf turns its' head the other way.  Or is it MLB that turned its' head from the fans and businesses in Atlanta?  How about all the comments referencing Tiger Woods during and after the Masters and his situation with the accident?  Think it would have been any different if that were you or me?  You know it would have been.  How about Kevin Durant's comments on social media and his responses?  Or Kyrie Irving just choosing to not show up with no consequences?  I'm also going to touch on the advantages of anonymity that I've been fortunate enough to experience and why I think there's value in that sometimes.  Hear all this, plus your questions to me in the crowd questions Q&A.  You'll leave with some things to think about today. 

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RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-12-21 Major League Baseball’s bash the replay… all over again.

Here we go again with a major league sport bashing their own system because they don't like it.  All the complaining and moaning about the MLB baseball replay being used, not being used, liking it, hating it. Nothing is perfect.  Not the players, not the umpires and not the replay system.  So if you're going to call it out and rip it because you don't like it, you better be prepared for the alternative. You cannot have it both ways.  I, for one, say we go back to no replays and let players be players and umpires be umpires.  What do you think?